Wheel & Tyre Care

Wheel Care


Kent Garage Equipment supply and manufacture the worlds leading brands in wheel care. Our Technique range is used in dealerships and independent garages across the South East and lead the way in in quality and precision. Kent Garage Equipment supply a range of wheel care products including wheel alignment units and tyre changers. The New reasonably priced Kent Garage Equipment wheel care range meets the challenge and could help you to make a fortune. The Kent Garage Equipment range of wheel and tyre care equipment contains products to suit the smallest garage to the largest tyre shops. For service garages wheel & tyre care can offer an additional and lucrative stream of income.


Our latest additions to the range include tyre changers and wheel balancers which have been selected not only for their quality, reliability and performance but for their outstanding value. Investing in our equipment, which is backed by excellent service support, provides peace of mind for both you and your customers.



All of our wheel care products come with excellent warranty coverage with an option for an extended warranty when we services the unit. With features like leverless tyre charges and 3D data input with selected wheel balancers, our wheel care range offers a modern and reliable touch to your workshop.


High Performance

Modern Wheels, with sophisticated rims and high performance tyres, are placing greater demands on wheel care products than ever before. Suitable equipment must have an efficient, wide ranging performance, minimise the risk of damage yet be able to tackle cosmetic demands such as hidden balance weights. our products tackle these issues with ease and offer every customer peace of mins with expensive alloys.