Planning a new garage or re-organising an existing facility is a daunting task, often it’s difficult to visualise a new workshop or fully understand the impact of the introduction of new equipment or services.

Kent Garage Equipment’s workshop design team provide you with professionally generated CAD drawings to allow you to do feasibility studies, plan efficient and cost effective layouts or providing your architect with information essential to building and construction work

We offer an extensive product experience plus a deep understanding of modern workshop requirements to help you make the right decisions. We know that regardless of company size, every penny counts when you are investing in new equipment or facilities and that the right choice can make a huge difference to your efficiency and profitability. Special drawings, meeting DVSA criteria for MOT installations, along with respective groundwork details, are also part of our service all for which there is no charge. 

Kent Garage Equipment has over 30 garage equipment specialist consultants strategically located throughout the UK, so whether it’s planning a turnkey project, fitting out a multi bay service facility, trying to unravel MOT requirements or simply re-organising the smallest workshop, our experts are never more than a phone call away.

Whatever your garage planning requirement, Give us a call to get a free no obligation quote. Kent Garage Equipment offer you the experience of some of. Combine this with the latest design techniques, the benefit of unrivalled local knowledge and customer support and it provides you with a service second to none.