Technique T2230 M2 – Tyre Changer


T2230 M2 – Tyre Changer

The Technique Memory 2 is the ultimate tyre changer. This truly fully automatic and lever less tyre changer is the perfect match for any high volume / high end tyre shop.

The Memory function sets both the demount head and the bead breaker arms to the rims width at the touch of a button. The centre post clamping system rules out any chance of damaging your customers alloy wheel and allows you to work on any size standard or reverse rim.

The Auto touch function on the top and bottom vertical roller bead breaker arms makes light work of the bead. The unique patented leverless demount head automatically guides itself between the tyre and rim and removes the tyre with minimum stress on the wheel.

The 3 stage height adjustable centre clamping system allows you to work on the largest tyres on the market place. The pneumatic wheel lift takes all the heavy work out of changing a tyre.

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