T8000 Emissions Analyser


The Technique T8000 is the first of a new generation of emissions analysers and MOT roller brake testing equipment marking a stepped change in performance, operation and ergonomic practicality. Everything about the T8000 is in ‘touch’ with modern technology and designed to help propel your business into the future.

The revolutionary ‘totem’ design is the host and centrepiece to a multitude of MOT related tasks incorporating the latest USB and wireless connectivity, and allows easy serviceability including remote engineering access.

Utilising the latest ‘touchscreen’ technology on the standard 20” screen each high definition graphic has been thought through for clarity and instant recognition whilst testing. Data entry is simple and on par with technology commonly used within the users workplace and home, therefore making the machine functionally friendly.

  • New touchscreen technology providing quick and easy access to screen functions.
  • Wireless oil and temperature measurement with a multi-locational storage system.
  • Revolutionary slim-line ‘totum’ platform, no tower PC or cumbersome trolley.
  • Infra-red remote hand-set giving maximum control and flexibility.
  • Full colour A4 inkjet printer provides clear test results.
  • Digital diesel smoke meter with wireless communication.

Download : T8000 Emissions Analyser Brochure