Rotary SPO45 (4 Tonne)


Rotary 4 tonne 2 post lift. Full hydraulic 2 post lift with twin hydraulic lifting rams.

The perfect two post lift for raising Vans, cars and 4×4’s

  • The base frame free design allows easy access for oil drainers and transmission jacks. It also makes it easy to move dead vehicles into the work bay and eliminates the risk of trip hazards on the workshop floor.
  • Non load bearing cables ensure even lifting and lowering.
  • Available in 3 different heights up to 4800mm to suit your workshop, An upper limit bar prevents the vehicle from being lifted too high. This feature effectively protects taller vehicles from being damaged.
  • The electro-hydraulic design provides for low noise and effective work.
  • The double S-profile of the lifting columns provide for utmost stability at minimum space requirements. In addition, the contact surface area of the carriage slider bearings is considerably increased, which protects the column from premature wear.
  • No Electrical power is required to lower, so the lift can lowered even in the event of a full power cut.
  • Height and U shape adaptors available for the easy lifting of 4×4’s and vans on the chassis.
  • The mechanical safety latch integrated on both columns locks the lift carriage in position in emergency situations and thus ensures maximum safety.
  • Each lifting column features a maintenance-free high pressure cylinder.
  • The supporting arms are automatically locked in position during the lifting operation. Once the lift has been completely lowered, this interlock is automatically released. The very narrow spacing between the locking positions and a manual unlocking function enhance the ease of use.
  • In the case of all the E-models, the powerful hydraulic unit is flange-mounted in the upper area of the lifting column. The motor is equipped with a temperature-operated switch as an overload protection. It is protected against outside influences and ensures more freedom of action and low noise in the work bay. 

Rotary Two Post Lift Brochure