In Ground Lifts


In Ground Vehicle Lifts

In ground lifts are sometimes considered as the premium vehicle lifts. This is mainly because they are used by the high end main dealerships.

They are the perfect lift if you are looking for that clean, clear, clinical look and feel within your workshop. They also are renowned as being the most reliable lift to purchase due to the minimal amount of moving components as well as maximising the space in a small workshop by allowing much easier manoeuvrability. 

Kent Garage equipment can offer you a wide range of designs of in ground lifts. Our equipment specialists can advise you on the correct lift that would be suitable for your application and vehicles that you will be lifting. From XY square platforms to flat platform designs we have a lift that would be tailor made to meet your requirements.

We can advise your designated ground worker on the correct installation procedure and supply installation rigs to assist with your installation.