Headlamp Beam Setter


Technique T4600 Series Headlamp Aligners

The T4600 series Headlamp Testers are technically advanced, easy to use and set the standard for this type of equipment. The stylish and ergonomic design is not only durable, reliable and stable but the build quality of the T4600 range enables unparalleled performance for garages and MOT test station, especially when assessing or setting both car and CV headlamps and represents a outstanding value for money. Investing in Technique equipment, which is backed by excellent local technical service support, provides peace of mind for both you and your customers. Fitted with a high quality Fresnel Lens to ensure that all current production headlamps including those with clear lens and gas discharge headlamps can be tested easily and accurately.

Advanced Fresnel Lens

The Key to the T4600 performance is the Fresnel lens, which collects maximum light and provides a high quality image on the screen, it also permits a wide focusing range of 200mm to 800mm and is both lighter and less prone to damage than a traditional glass lens.

Advanced Electronic Versions:

The Advanced electronic models have a sensing system surrounding the lens that optimises the position of the optical head in front of the vehicle headlamp. Guidance on movement of the tester is displayed on an LCD read-out. A unique and patented sensor array on the measurement screen provides information to the LCD display illustrating headlamp beam angle as an actual percentage to two decimal places. The sensors are extremely accurate and very sensitive they also provide graphical information about beam brightness and glare.


  • New generation Laser alignment for easy and accurate alignment to the vehicle.
  • Counterbalanced Optical head makes it simple to raise and lower to align to the headlamp.
  • Available as a Mobile unit or Rail Mounted for Class 1,2,3,4,5,7 Mot testing
  • HGV version is also available