Digital ADAS


Digital ADAS

With TechPRO ADAS, Kent Garage Equipment has aligned itself with the needs of tomorrow’s workshops today. The multibrand tool provides workshops with a solution that keeps up with the latest state of the art thanks to continuous software updates. The professional adjustment of driver assistance system sensors and cameras allows workshops to capture additional sales potential.

Driver Assistance Systems Change The Way Workshops Work

Whether they use radars, cameras, or ultrasonic sensors, more and more late-model cars have high-tech driver assistance systems, known as ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems). In upcoming years, both the number of driver assistance systems and the percentage of passenger cars and trucks equipped with these systems are expected to grow significantly. This will greatly change the way that workshops work.

Digital Calibration Panel For Fast, Precise Work

For service and repair work, workshops must re-adjust radar sensors and camera systems to ensure that assistance systems continue to function reliably. They need to be precisely calibrated to the geometric axis of the vehicle. Even minimal deviations can cause a failure of the assistance system. With our TechPRO ADAS, we make this job easier for workshops. Unlike the tools already on the market, only one digital calibration panel is needed to precisely adjust the radar sensors and cameras. Updates are installed automatically to give workshops a solution that is optimally adapted to handle new developments in the field of driver assistance systems.

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