Rotary SM40/65 Range


Rotary SM40 and SM65 4 Post Lift Range

The Rotary electro-hydraulic 4 post lifts range is available in numerous versions and lifting capacities. With the options of different lifting capacities Platform lengths and Platform Layouts they can be tailored perfectly to fit the your application.

The lifting platforms are available as standard flat platforms for servicing or can be supplied  with recesses for front turn plates and Play detectors, rear slip plates  for carrying out precise wheel alignment or even a integral lifting platform for a total wheel free option.

The Rotary 4 post lifts are available in two lifting capacities 4000kg and 6500kg for larger vehicles and with three platform lengths available 4.7m – 5.1m and 6m you can lift everything from a smart car up to a long wheel base van (e.g Sprinter or Crafter)

  • The functions: lifting, lowering and lowering to the safety locks can be controlled conveniently via the touch button operating controls.
  • Option of an Integral lifting table or a platform lighting kit can also be operated from the main control console.
  • All Rotary four-post lifts are equipped with pneumatic safety locks which also give level alignment of the lifting platforms when lowered onto the safety ladders. Perfect for when carrying out wheel alignment.
  • Cable break safety locks and switches are also installed to each lift which guarantees  a high degree of safety at the workplace.
  • Jacking beam rails are cold-formed integrated slide rails which increases the rigidity of the platform.
  • Adjustable safety lock ladders in the lifting columns provide for horizontal alignment of the lift – this is important for precise work when using the lift as axle measuring lift.
  • The modular construction facilitates almost unlimited possibilities of expanding and upgrading the lift, e.g. with the measuring kit for the axle measuring lift. (Turning plates are supplied by wheel alignment manufacturers.)
  • The maintenance-free lifting cylinder is mounted below the lifting platform  thus giving protection against external forces.

Rotary Four Post Lift Brochure