Gas & Smoke Analyser

The Latest Technology.


Technique T8003 is the first of the new generation of gas analysers and smoke meters, marking a series development in performance, ergonomics and operation. Everything about the T8003 is technically advanced and is designed to propel your business into the future with a major emphasis on saving time and money. Not only quick, with an ultra fast Basic Emission Test (BET), but visually stimulating, the results are displayed with truly stunning graphics, designed to guide the operator through the MOT test with ease and clear vision via the Large 23 & 27 inch flat screen.




  • Ultra Fast BET test- Minimising the test duration when time is money
  • Superb graphics – ensuring fast, easy and clear test routine control for users
  • A gas analyser and smoke meter measurement system that minimises downtime
  • Infra-red remote control – ensures ease and speed of use for the operator
  • Bluetooth engine speed, oil temperature and smoke meter communication
  • Slim, robust, Space saving and practical workshop trolley – both strong & manoevrable
  • Large 23 or 27 inch Swivel LCD screen is mounted to maximise user visability
  • A4 Colour print out provides clear and easy to read results